Assessment and Treatment of Insomnia, Part 1

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Assessment and Treatment

of Insomnia


Rocky Garrison, Ph.D., CBSM
Alliant International University

This course is designed to develop competency in the assessment and treatment of insomnia and in the ability to screen for other sleep disorders. The emphasis is on understanding insomnia in the bio-psycho-social context of the client as well as the current science on sleep, and on the use of empirically supported assessment and treatment strategies.

Specific competencies are taught and modeled, then students demonstrate these competencies and review the competency demonstrations of their fellow students. Each student will conduct a mock insomnia assessment interview and write an insomnia assessment report.

This Course Consists of:

1) Fourteen hours of Post-Graduate-level lectures, with slides, which have been recorded and organized into a topical sequence of brief segments

2) Hand-outs and supplements to accompany the lecture material

3) Numerous Self-Review Tests, to help you retain key concepts and terminology

4) A shared class Note Stream for easily recording your own questions and comments, and adding more to the experience by seeing what others have contributed.

5) Activities to do to deepen your understanding

6) Test instruments

Stress is a normal response to life. It is not a pathology.

This course requires an enrolment key